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Repeatlessness Audio Book

The author's passionate reading, as-well-as light hearted humor will keep you on the edge of your seat and consciousness as you enjoy the audio presentation. This is an unabridged full reading of the entire book by its author Joe Marshalla. Run time: 8 hours 5 minutes.

Repeatlessness Printed Book

Are you inspired by the process of an ever-renewable life, one of new beginnings rather than the inevitable product of your past?

Repeatlessness is an expedition into the human condition as well as an owner's manual for the human mind.

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Affirmations for Life

This affirmation audio file is designed to work with all the aspects of one's life. It includes affirmations for the optimum psychological, emotional, sexual, physical, financial and spiritual well-being of the individual.

Relationship Affirmations

This affirmation audio file is for people who are currently in relationship or those who wish to be.

Weight Loss Affirmations

This affirmation audio file is designed to work with all weight loss programs. It enhances will-power, self confidence, self perception, self love, and addresses many if not all the thought and life patterns associated with weight gain and retention.

Healing Garden

This audio file contains the same visualizations that Dr. Marshalla used to heal the brain damage and heart damage he suffered as a result of his last death experience.

Basic Meditation 1

This meditation audio file will guide you step by step through an actual meditation. It is designed to include the key components that are found in all meditation practices.

Weekly World Meditations

This audio file features five meditations from Dr. Marshalla's Weekly World Meditation web site. Each meditation is completely unique and offers a different perspective and way to focus yourself towards creating peace, love and harmony on the planet. A definite must for all who want peace on the planet.