Empowerment Class


A 2-Day transformation of your life

Explore every aspect of how you interact and interface with the world — and then, what you can do about it.

This on-line class requires at least One-week of preparation.

Once the course is purchased, you will receive a phone call from Dr. Joe and then he will email your homework assignments.



The Empowerment Class

Providing the tools and methods for a genuine “Do Over” in life.

Dr. Marshalla’s Empowerment Class is truly unique – it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Taught and refined for over thirty years, it utilizes his two cutting-edge Inquiry Methodologies called the Poly-Synaptic Equilibration Techniques (P-SET), and his Four Aces Process (FAP). Combined, they provide the tools, processes, methods and perspectives necessary to transform and release everything that no longer serves you in your life.

The Empowerment Class is not a seminar or workshop.

Please enjoy this video introduction to truly understand the Empowerment Class.

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The Empowerment Class utilizes a Skill Transference Classroom program. You will leave the class with new skills, abilities, and a profound understanding of who you currently have been busy being, and how you got that way — and then what you can do to be who you actually are and want to be.

The class explores the human need to create philosophical constructs, psychological theories, religious beliefs, scientific models and self-help programs. It then combines the latest understandings of how the human personality is formed in order to present a model through which one can examine their life fresh and new.

“Be aware that this is not a workshop for spiritual tourists. This is “IT”. This is the opportunity for those serious about their own awakening and being totally present for all of life.”

Samantha Sweetwater – Founder, Dancing Freedom

You will be provided with tools and techniques for neutralizing any trauma, emotional distress, early developmental mishaps and negative belief patterns; and a framework on how to use and transform all those experiences into gifts that guide you to your truth and what you deeply believe.

Regardless of your religious or philosophical affiliation or non-affiliation, this class supercharges your spiritual life and relational world beyond the limitations of your mind.

The results accomplished in this class cannot be obtained from a seminar. For example, if you went to a seminar on flying, you would learn a lot of basic information from teachers, videos, handouts and drawings. Yet after such a seminar, I doubt anyone would get into an airplane with you as the pilot.

If you went to a Skill Transference Classroom on flying, you would learn everything and more than the seminar, and then actually practice taking off, cornering and landing a plane, thus actually having new skills and ability transferred to your being.

“Joe creates such a safe place of “Us-ness” that anyone can contemplate and reconsider their relationship to reality fresh and new.”

Ram Dass – RamDass.org

How it works

The Empowerment Class is straightforward and scientific. The various techniques have been taught to tens-of-thousands of people who have all achieved the same results. The fact that the results are repeatable and measurable, classifies the technology as a scientific methodology.

Based on multiple modalities, the inquiry into your self-definition is both easy and thorough. Together we reveal what makes you who you are and what will bring lasting happiness and understanding into your life. The transformation arises as a result of a deep inquiry into the primary influences and decisions that created your personality and molded your life into its current expression.

The Empowerment goals

The main goals with the Empowerment Class are:

  • Neutralize any and all past traumatic events that hinder your clarity and self-concept.
  • Neutralize any current concerns or issues you have with any individuals or situations.
  • Learn why you keep repeating certain patterns in your life.
  • Completely break free from these patterns.
  • Identify the building blocks that shaped your current personality.
  • Identify who you truly are beyond your current ideas and projections.
  • Understand and truly experience a deeper spiritual understanding of your life.
  • Define and actualize your new empowered self.

Once engaged, the P-SET method and FAP are something that will be integrated into every aspect of your life. They afford a reference point and filtering system through which everything in your life will make sense.

For the first time, you will have the skills to be continuously empowered and fully expressed as your unique self.

You will be powerfully impacted in your business abilities, communication skills, peace of mind, familial relationships and physical stamina. Your spiritual commitment will deepen and you will experience a profound sense of love, appreciation and gratitude permeating throughout every aspect of your life.

“Joe is truly a Master Assimilator. His ability to synthesize so many modalities into a clear, concise, useful, practical and powerful set of tools is uncanny. In my 40 years as a psychiatrist, I have never seen anything like it.”

Multiple bestselling author Harold Bloomfield M.D.

Life is too short

This moment, and every moment, is fresh and new. Give yourself this opportunity to learn the latest skills to remain present and focused in your life.

After this class, your life will be completely about enjoying your birthright — which is the freedom to actualize and become the person you were meant to be.

Free yourself from everything that is holding you back and enroll in the Empowerment On-line Class today. Dr. Marshalla is confident in his program and guarantees your success.

You have come to this page for a reason.

Purchase your “Do Over” in life today!

Dr. Joe looks forward to serving you and facilitating your new-found freedom in life.